Wordpress Maintenance

Our WordPress expert team ensure your WordPress and WooCommerce sites are running perfectly! So you can focus on your business.

We will handle all your website maintenace needs

Our maintenance team ensure your sites are running 24/7


WordPress and WooCommerce websites along with their plugins are dynamic and require a sufficient amount of resources to operate effectively. Our hosting platform is built with this in mind with the nessacay comonents in place such as Nginx, Robust PHP and server-level cache solutions in place.


Our technical team have years of experience in both WordPress and it’s famous eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce. We also have knowledge of all the popular plugins, themes and page builders for Wordpress. We believe our team are more than capable to fully support you in running your websites.


When your WordPress website grows and utilizes more resources during high traffic spikes, the cloud platform will automatically detect and scale to ensure high performance and deliverability.


Every Wordpress and WcooCommerce site hosted with us has a built-in SSL certificate, hardware firewalls and DDoS Detection with 24/7 real-time monitoring within the cloud.