Why Us

Fox Metrix was founded on the values of providing the cutting edge technology within the hosting industry, backed by an exceptionally talented technical team to provide the ultimate stellar services for our clients and partners.

Why Choose Fox Metrix?

Choosing a web host can be difficult and confusing, so we are going to show you how Fox Metrix sets itself apart from the rest with our FULLY managed cloud web hosting solution.

Fox Metrix Cloud Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

Common hosting providers provide some kind of shared hosting where multiple sites and applications share the same environment with fixed resources (CPU/RAM/Storage). In most cases clients may experience slow speeds if ever the resources have reached maximum capacity as shared hosting providers tend to overcrowd the server in order to maximize revenue.

In the event where a clients application may be utilizing high resources, the hosting provider may suspend that account in order not to jeopardize the performance of other clients hosted within the same environment.

Fox Metrix however provides every client with their own environment, with dedicated resources (CPU/RAM/Storage) this means that the resources are 100% private and isolated, which are not shared with any other environments. In the event of high resource usage, the cloud platform will auto scale to accommodate the spike in traffic ensuring maximum performance and deliverability.


Every client that transfers hosting to Fox Metrix instantly recognizes that the speed of their website/application has considerably improved. Speed plays one of the most important roles in user experience and SEO (search engine optimization).

A slow loading page can have the following implications:

Businesses that run marketing campaigns sending traffic to slow loading pages are a common occurrence:

Fox Metrix takes speed performance seriously, our technology stack is built with the following components to ensure high-end performance:

Managed Vs Unmanaged Hosting

An unmanaged hosting service usually requires the client to setup the hosting environment to accommodate their needs, with manual configurations such as:

With Fox Metrix we provide a fully managed hosting service. Our platform is already configured to start hosting immediately with no setup required by the client.

Our fully managed hosting services also includes:


About Us

Fox Metrix is a web hosting agency made up of an international team providing fully managed cloud web hosting solutions.