Cloud Web Hosting Features

Fox Metrix takes out the complexities of web hosting, with our FULLY managed web hosting services.
When we say we take care of everything, we really do…


Built-in SSL and 24/7 monitoring for a robust secure platform


A platform optimized to deliver with blazing fast speeds


Expert support team ready for all your needs around the clock

Cloud hosting architecture optimized for speed

We take server performance seriously, a slow website means frustrated users and loss of revenue, our platform guarantees top of the chart performance and deliverability.

Built-in CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) ensures your sites content is delivered to global audiences without the long response times.

SSD Hosting

We only utilize SSD drives for storage and with triple data processing time, page load speeds are greatly enhanced.

Dedicated Environment

Unlike shared hosting, our platform provides each environment with a dedicated IP address and resources.

HTTP/2 Support

Our hosting platform has HTTP/2 support, which greatly enhances the communication between server and client.

Built-in Caching

As part of the technology stack we utilize caches including Redis to deliver your content instantaneously to your audiences.

Redis Support

Redis combined with Apache and Nginx deliver enhanced database processing and unparalleled performance for better deliverability.

Secure cloud hosting with peace of mind

Our platform is built with security in mind, nothing is more important to us than the security of your website.

Hack & Malware Removal

If ever your site is compromised or infected, our technical support team will fix it for free, that is our guarantee.

Built-in SSL

Fox Metrix provides built-in SSL certificate with every environment.

Automated Backups

Our daily auto backup processes enables us to restore the site instantly to safeguard against loss of data or compromised sites.

Encrypted Access

Fox Metrix only supports SFTP and SSH connections (no FTP) to ensure the highest security directives.

Real-time Monitoring

We monitor the status of your website/application 24/7 to ensure we safeguard against the constant threats of the internet.

Dedicated Firewalls

Our platforms are constantly behind ultra secure OS-Level firewalls to ensure all our environments are safeguarded against maclicious threats

24/7/365 expert support availabe for you

A hosting service is as only as good as it’s support, our expert technical support team are available around the clock to ensure you’re in good hands.

Site Migration

Our technical support team will migrate your website/application to our platform for free, that is our gaurantee.

WordPress Experts

Our Technical team are fully experienced with the WordPress CMS platform and can assist with any technical related issues.


Our technical team ensures your website/application is up to date with the latest modules and plugins to ensure security and compatibility.

About Us

Fox Metrix is a web hosting agency based in Thailand made up of an international team providing fully managed cloud web hosting solutions.